Det handlar om stil.

December 4, 2006 Traderaspaning


Moc Raw 31-34 400 kr. Skulle slå till på dreikten om jag inte hade min BI.

Levis twisted 32 34 350 kr

Resteröds stickad M 150 kr

Filippa K- kavaj 50 75 kr

Lyle&Scott-cardigan M 250 kr (Går fågeln att ta loss lätt?)

Elvinecardigan M 299 kr

De plaggen bevakas i min lista just nu! Kanske hittar någon nåt?!

4 to “Traderafynd”

  1. Viktorn says...

    Fyfan vad sugen jag blev på kavajen.

  2. Demarcus says...

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  3. Fitriadi says...

    Omg !!! Pleas do more ghost stories. That other ppolee have experience ! Not those that you have experience. But other ppolee have !!! Plz plz plz !? Cus i like you alot !!! I like to listen to you and shit xD Hehe You know your awesome And keep up the good work ;D Flemse911 out xD

  4. Marinella says...

    They are, of course, honipg the bidding will go much higher. The Buy-It-Now prices are never that low. On an auction listing, bid what you think is a reasonable price you’re willing to pay for that item. If you win the auction and it doesn’t go up to your maximum bid, no problem.The Asian sellers I’ve bought from on eBay are fine. Once, my item was so slow in arriving that the seller sent a second item and then the first one arrived two days later. Shipping can be slow due to the distance and having to clear Customs.References : Was this answer helpful?